BJD PUPPE Schwester Beth puppe Russische puppe sammlung geschenke nemokamas pristatymas

€118.19 €60.28
Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje
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Šiltas patarimas: Lėlė pardavimo nuogas, drabužių, batų ir perukas nėra parduoti tai, prašome atkreipti dėmesį į tai, ir akis, retkarčiais jį siųsti, nes Tai yra plika lėlės be drabužių perukas batai!Atkreipkite dėmesį!Aukštis:39.50 cm Galvos apimtis:11.8 cm, Kaklo apimtis:4.2 cm, Pečių:6.2 cm, Krūtinės apimtis:14.2 cm, Juosmens apimtis:9.0 cm, Klubų apimtis:14,8 cm Kojų ilgis:17cm Rankos ilgis:12.0 cm Kojų ilgis:4.8 cm Pėdos plotis:1.6 cm

  • Lytis: Merginos
  • sąlyga: Akcinė Straipsniai
  • BJD/SD Požymis: lėlė
  • Temos: Filmų ir TV
  • Forma: 1/3
  • Tipas: Mados Lėlės
  • Mfg Serijos Numeris: Fantazija
  • Medžiaga: Derva
  • Elemento Tipas: Lėlės
  • Savybės: Modelis
  • Matmenys: 42CM
  • Amžius: > 3 metų
  • Modelio Numeris: 01


Žymos: nekilnojamojo lėlės nekilnojamojo, vyrai bjd drabužiai, blyth užsakymą, atgimti, 13 bjd doll, katė pusheen, bjd nuotrauka, 16 bjd doll, daug monster high lėlės, j. lėlės.


Axnlginal 58
Description exact. Delivery two and a half weeks to St. Petersburg. packed well. Pupa keeps all the poses, there are small not dochetami on grinding, but I think everything is fix. With the seller did not communicate. thanks for my beauty!)) I recommend the seller!
Doll with much detail. It came very well wrapped, hands and feet wrapped with reinforcement so nothing would happen to them. Bring some heel feet and some spare hands. She came in with dust that she had been retouched, and they left her perfect. The cocoa tone is beautiful. This doll is the first one I buy that I don't have to touch up the rubber rings. It stays in the positions at first. It's perfect, I'm in love with her. There has been No need for communication with the seller. A White Dragon gift.
Doll came safely packaged. meets description but her faceup isn't the same as in the website pictures so her lips and cheeks are more red than the lovely shimmering mauve pink I was expecting. I'm going to get different eyes for her as the pupils on these are two different sizes and look odd. I still want to get her a wig and fortunately she fits some Barbie clothes till I get to making her something
Olesya Goryunova
the color of the doll wasn't the one that I expected its practically grey, it suppose to have to diferents thickness of the elastic one for the arms and one for the rest of the body in this case is the same size, the finish of the pieces of hands and feet are pour cause the little wire that it have to have its resin and it doesn't allow a god movement of the hands. im disappointed but nothing that I can't fix. just disappointed
I am in love with this doll! Beautiful face up, amazing poses, gorgeous sculpt. Easy delivery, and great communication from seller. Would recommend.