Elektros energijos Tiekimo Valdybos 45V 600W už ICEPOWER250A

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Elektros energijos Tiekimo Valdybos 45V 600W už ICEPOWER250A

paketas apima : elektros Energijos Tiekimo Valdybos 45V 600W

neapima ICEPOWER250A stiprintuvo valdyba

  • Suderinamos Prekės/Modelis: NĖRA
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: dower mane


Žymos: pramonės maitinimo 600w, 45v, ac adapteris ps2, 45v maitinimo adapteris, 65V, man, 600w maitinimo šaltiniai, ICE125ASX2, galia ps2, ice50asx2.


The goods received intact and safe. So: real power 450-500wt-сойдёт. "Power" wires made their own-mgshv section 1kV. MM. Output to the speakers took from the ice250a boards themselves (half-4 pins of the plug "Molex microFIT" is the output to the Speaker), lead him to B. P. Stupid, 2 connections are added on the connectors and load capacity (max i "without heating") on out. The connector for the speaker board BP twice as much. The block-benefit for the Saper. The power output of 48 volts looks like this: diode assembly on the radiator-capacity-throttle-capacity. The first electrolyte (to the throttle) in heavier conditions-longer than "emissions/interference. And then the problem is the output of 48 volts, and the working voltage for the Volt. Spare-2 volts (of 50). Taking into account the quality-this is "petarda" in the number of 4 PCs. And on the board there is a place (and holes for soldering) under a larger part, with a large working voltage. So who bought this-change until "" (see. Extreme photo.)