Apartments by the sea - after crossing the dune.

New apartments of the project "Dune of the sea" is a real dream come true for those who have always dreamed of living and being able to listen to the waves crashing. It is truly a house on a sea dune. Modernly equipped homes allow you to enjoy not only modern solutions, but also a magical home environment.

From now on, every morning you can start with a walk on the sea shore enjoying every warm ray of the morning. And if you don't feel like walking - enjoy a cup of morning coffee in a spacious terrace. You can enjoy a refreshing scent of the sea in the entire house. From now vacation might never come to an end. The project “Dune of the sea” will ensure all of the above.

A combination of nature and comfortable life

This project is for those who are seeking for inner peace and privacy. A low-rise house equipped with only 10 new apartments, which are especially comfortable to settle a family. An exclusive layout and organic solutions show the modern mission of this project – making your life even more enjoyable.

The modern project “Dune of the sea” created in a true oasis of nature in Melnragė will allow you to realize your dreams and create the desired home interior. All new flats at the seaside are equipped with spacious terraces with high ceilings and comfortable layout. And the most important - a view of the sea.

If you have any doubts whether you need new modern apartments in Klaipėda, here's a list of the arguments to help you to make sure that it is worth buying an apartment in the project "Dune of the sea."

The advantages of new apartments in the “Dune of the sea”:

  • You will reach the sea after crossing the dune.
  • High ceilings up to 3 m or 3.2 m.
  • Convenient access to the city.
  • Children's recreation center near your home.
  • Some apartments are designed to have two floors.
  • All apartments have a cosy outdoor storage.
  • Comfortable and warm home lighting of the territory.
  • High quality sound and vibration protection in the walls.
  • Each apartment is equipped with a terrace overlooking the sea.
  • Individual heating with gas and underfloor heating.
  • The first floor residents have private entrances and patios.
  • Bicycle trails, which you can use to conveniently travel to Palanga or the center of Klaipėda.
  • Modern double pane aluminium system sliding glass windows with special insulation

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New flats/apartments for sale in Klaipėda and Palanga

Fortus NT develops and sells new flats, apartments and houses on the seafront. We select each location of projects carefully so that all our objects for sale would be special for the new owners. When staying in the apartments of “Dunes of the sea” project you can reach the sea in a few minutes. Apartments in the residence of “Birutė park” are near the park so it is as if you are living in one of the most beautiful places in Palanga. The projects “Villa of the dunes” and “Amber dune” open up a view of the lake or the forest.