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New, comfortable apartments close to the centre of Palanga

For the ones who are searching for the harmony of nature's tranquility and city's hustle and bustle we offer a choice of an excellent new apartment in a modern low-rise building construction project "Amber dune”. It's a unique project that meets the needs of a resident of a modern resort. New apartments in Palanga in the project “Amber dune” is an opportunity to live in the very centre of Palanga, while at the same time enjoy the green environment, tranquility and privacy.

"Amber dune" new apartments in Palanga - low-rise blocks of flats adapted to the needs of modern people. The building has 3 floors, therefore, it does not create heavy emotional undertones. It looks elegant and radiates subtlety.

Apartments with terraces or balconies, only 500 m away from the sea.

The entire project is designed to make your relaxation and everyday life as enjoyable as possible. The layout of 24 new apartments in a building in the city centre is in accordance with the highest quality requirements. Therefore, it is easy to move around in the building and the neighbors do not overwhelm each other’s private areas.

An exclusive design feature is cozy and spacious terraces and balconies. Each private space can enjoy all the new apartments in the building. Terrace – it's your cozy breakfast with a cup of coffee or a nice dinner place. You will be able to customize modernly equipped terrace both for leisure and growing plants. Over there you will always be delighted with the refreshing sea breeze, which is just 500 m away from "Amber Dune".

The advantages of the project “Amber dune”:

  • A modern bicycle trail not too far;
  • For your relaxation - forest wellness trail;
  • Next to the building is located a new SPA complex "Eglė";
  • Modern children's playground which meets all safety requirements.


What kind of people are the best to live in new apartments in Palanga in the project “Amber dune”?

  • The ones who are searching for harmony;
  • Dreaming to live by the sea;
  • Wanting to have more privacy;
  • Valuing modern layout.


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New flats/apartments for sale in Klaipėda and Palanga

Fortus NT develops and sells new flats, apartments and houses on the seafront. We select each location of projects carefully so that all our objects for sale would be special for the new owners. When staying in the apartments of “Dunes of the sea” project you can reach the sea in a few minutes. Apartments in the residence of “Birutė park” are near the park so it is as if you are living in one of the most beautiful places in Palanga. The projects “Villa of the dunes” and “Amber dune” open up a view of the lake or the forest.