New apartments with the spirit of history.

Tauralaukis area has long been known for its history and wonderful nature. In 1802 in the manor of Tauralaukis King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia and his wife Louise had a meeting with the Emperor of Russia Alexander I. This was the first meeting of the monarchs of Prussia and Russia and their friendship had an effect on the victory over Napoleon. The royal family enjoyed spending time with their children on the residence Tauralaukis manor and the park around. Later on the descendants of the royal family would spend time on the residence. Today, Tauralaukis is already a part of Klaipėda city, however, it kept the tranquility of out of town. The old manor house has been renovated and prestigious residential blocks are being built in the surrounding area.

You will always feel cosy in the apartments of “Manor residence”

Spacious apartments with private terraces and green areas are oriented to the privacy, relaxation, and family life. The inside of the block has a green oasis with walking path, sports courts, children's play and rest areas - an ideal place to raise children.


  • Tauralaukio st. 24, Klaipėda
  • Picturesque area near the river Danė
  • The area is urbanized with fully functioning infrastructure
  • Public transportation - 300 m.
  • Shop - 1300 m.
  • City centre - 5 km.
  • Hospital - 1300 m.
  • Kindergarten - 2 km.
  • School - 1 km. (Tauralaukis Lower Secondary School)


A cozy neighbourhood

It is small, calm indoor blocks of apartments neighborhood designed in a way so that its residents would feel as if they are kings on a never ending vacation.


THE PROJECT - residential blocks of apartments

  • The lot:  53.13 ares
  • Purpose: construction of low-rise residential buildings
  • The planned accommodation:  40 apartments
  • Total building area - 3616.13 sq.m. (the three blocks of apartments)
  • Housing A - 905.45 sq. m.
  • Housing B - 905.45 sq. m.
  • Housing C - 1265.19 sq. m.
  • Apartments are from 38 sq. m. up to 124 sq. m.


Advantages of “Manor residence”:

Trying to revive the royal traditions in Tauralaukis, in the picturesque river valley of Danė, we have created new low-rise residential area - “Manor residence".

  • Green area. A large green area formed around the buildings with sports and recreation places.
  • Private area.  Each of the first floor apartments has its own private green area and a separate entrance. Every apartment on the third floor has their own private spacious terraces.
  • Heating. Thermal resistance - R-7.5. Apartments are overlooking the sunny sides.
  • Cheaper maintenance costs.
  • A block of small, quiet, low-rise buildings.
  • Picturesque location.


New apartments for high quality living

Apartments are of high class. They provide a large variety of quality living advantages:

  • The buildings are three storeys with mezzanines. The housing A and B have only one stairwell, there are eleven apartments in the building.
  • The first storeys have separate entrances both to the apartments and the outdoor terraces, which are located on a plot of land assigned to them.
  • A part of the apartments have two storeys.
  • Planned spots for fireplaces.
  • Each apartment has a large terrace overlooking the western side, while others both southern and western sides.
  • Each apartment has two parking places, the underground garages are planned under the housing C.
  • The thermal resistance of the walls is R-7.5, which is nearly 30% more than any apartment being built in Klaipėda, therefore, maintenance costs will be very small.


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