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"Amber dune" - Apartments in Palanga

"Amber dune" new apartments in Palanga - low-rise blocks of flats adapted to the needs of modern people. The building has 3 floors, therefore, it does not create heavy emotional undertones. It looks elegant and radiates subtlety.

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Birutės parko vilos

Pačioje nuostabiausioje Palangos vietoje, prie pat Gintaro muziejaus ir Botanikos parko. Nuo gyvenvietės jūrą skiria vos keli šimtai metrų nuostabaus pušyno.

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The residence of “Birutė park” - new apartments in Palanga

For your convenience we offer new apartments in Palanga in a more remote location from the bustling center and near Palanga Amber Museum and Birutė park. Your new home is filled with tranquility and nature. Here it is always green and cosy.

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“Villa of dunes” - apartments for sale in Palanga

“Villa of dunes” - low-rise construction project, which offers new modern apartments, corresponding to the different needs. This is a great opportunity to live right near the sea but at the same time enjoy the comforts provided by the city.

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New flats/apartments for sale in Klaipėda and Palanga

Fortus NT develops and sells new flats, apartments and houses on the seafront. We select each location of projects carefully so that all our objects for sale would be special for the new owners. When staying in the apartments of “Dunes of the sea” project you can reach the sea in a few minutes. Apartments in the residence of “Birutė park” are near the park so it is as if you are living in one of the most beautiful places in Palanga. The projects “Villa of the dunes” and “Amber dune” open up a view of the lake or the forest.